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What is Somato Emotional Release?

Somato Emotional Release is a powerful and gentle method of locating and releasing emotional trauma held in the body, often for many years. As the years pass, the adaptive pattern of the body loses its effectiveness and symptoms and dysfunction's begin to appear which become more difficult to ignore or suppress.

Physical and/or emotional traumas that are too much for the body to dissipate at the time are isolated so that a sort of "energy cyst" is formed. Somato Emotional Release locates these energy cysts and facilitates the release and resolution of old traumas.

Suppressed emotions and traumas are a key factor in the development of muscular tension, high blood pressure, heart disease, immune weakness and disease. Real healing begins when these energy cysts are released, vital body energy is freed up and many chronic illnesses and problems are resolved!

A safe and caring environment, gentle techniques to release held physical tensions, therapeutic imagery and dialogue are all combined to facilitate the expression and release of suppressed emotion and trauma. You will also reconnect with your own inner wisdom and innate healing ability.

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