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About Me

Personal Statement
I have had many people work on me in my life. Whether the touch is soft or strong, I always find the most benefit when the body worker provides a caring level of attention and communication. It helps me respond to their touch in an authentic way and healing is often quick to follow. I’ve let this experience be my guide in the 16 years I’ve been a therapist myself. My most important goals are making the patient a partner in the healing process and empowering their body’s ability to find balance.

My journey into this profession began when I was 18 and discovered I had hypoglycemia. There wasn’t a pill to take or some quick cure. I had to change my diet and my lifestyle. It led me to the world of herbs, acupuncture and therapy. I found that traveling my own inner path in this way and discovering my own mind- body connection, made it easier to choose my road to the professional world. I chose massage therapy.

When I experienced my first CranioSacral session, it was like coming home. It spoke to me in a language I understood. I now try to speak to others in the same language, letting go of ego, trusting and following the path the body needs to take to find it’s own healthy rhythm.

You can find a list of my experience and qualifications on this site.




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