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The Healing Touch by Patricia Francisco

It takes a little talent and some sensitivity
To place your hands upon a man and from pain to set him free.

First you need to focus inward into your own sense of being
And gradually clear your mind for another kind of seeing.

Then set your hands upon him to hear what tales they tell
And by listening to the stories find what it takes to make him well.

You need to learn to trust the message from your hand
To open mind and body to give what aid you can.

So gather up your life force, send it outward through your hand
To where it melds and strengthens, then comes back to you again.

Your hands become a channel, cosmic power funnels through
The more you open to pass on, the more comes back to you.

We all hold hurts and sorrows that are hidden deep within
And even if the mind forgets, the body keeps them in.

You find the hidden places that are so very tense and sore
And though it hurts to work them, his body asks for more.

When body speaks to body on levels other than mind,
Communication deepens and the hands reply in kind.

To physically communicate and focus on pain and such
Allows the hands to nurture man, and heal with just a touch.

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